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What’s New in the Ninth Edition

Published in April 2021, the ninth edition of the MLA Handbook includes

  • 400 pages, 142 visuals, and over 500 example citations, presented in 7 chapters plus 2 appendixes
  • expanded, in-depth guidance on how to use the MLA template of core elements to create works-cited-list entries that shows what each core element is, where to find it, and how to style it
  • a new, easy-to-follow explanation of in-text citations
  • a new chapter containing recommendations for using inclusive language
  • a new appendix with hundreds of sample works-cited-list entries listed by publication format, including books, databases, websites, social media, interviews, and more
  • new, expanded guidelines on spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and more
  • a new chapter on using notes in MLA style
  • updated guidelines on avoiding plagiarism
  • paper-formatting guidelines
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