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What’s New on MLA Handbook Plus

Updates to MLA Handbook Plus as of September 2022 are listed below.

New Editions

Updates to the MLA Handbook on This Site

  • Added! More than one hundred brand-new entries to “Citation Examples” (formerly titled “Appendix 2: Works-Cited-List Entries by Publication Format”)
  • “Citation Examples” categories revised to optimize search and improve findability
  • New! A guide to English grammar
  • New! Six annotated sample papers in MLA style
  • New and expanded guidance in the following sections:
    • On capitalizing titles (2.90)
    • On styling tweets in prose (2.109)
    • On styling untitled works in prose (2.123)
    • On citing databases (5.35)
    • On citing video games (5.54, 5.112)
    • On when to include a copyright date as a publication date (5.68)
    • On ordering works with identical titles in the list of works cited (5.130)
    • On the use of authors’ full names in prose and in citations (6.4)
    • On citing works with identical titles (6.15)
    • On how to cite an unnumbered page in a paginated work (6.16)
    • On using an ellipsis in a short quotation of poetry (6.61)
    • On the use of square brackets to adjust the syntax in a quotation (6.67)
    • On bilingual quotations, with many new examples (6.75)
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